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Please don’t take my TV shows away…

There’s nothing worse than watching a quality show and suddenly it’s been cancelled. So season 3574537 of Teen Mom is airing but the truly decent content is cut.  As someone who works at a television channel, I understand the logistics behind the decisions but man, it sucks.  Here are just a few shows that I personally think deserved more.  Containment Yes, yes, it’s got … Read More Please don’t take my TV shows away…


Reasons to watch The Bold Type

Tackling the Taboo  From orgasms to online bullying to racism to sexism to sexual orientation, The Bold Type discusses issues you don’t usually see dealt with on TV in such an honest way. Not only that but issues that are addressed on other platforms aren’t dealt with the way they are on the show, it’s refreshing. Originally posted by waverlyyearp Originally posted by s-mokeclouds … Read More Reasons to watch The Bold Type