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Why people hate Taylor Swift…

  It has been become somewhat of a sport to hate Taylor Swift. If a male or Beyonce did the exact same things no one would give two shits, in fact, they would be cheering them on. Originally posted by wecouldworkitoutsomehow It’s no secret that the media have painted her as some heart-breaking hussy that is a snake and a liar BUT logical, brain-carrying … Read More Why people hate Taylor Swift…


Dear Media,

Dear Media, Leave actors and their private lives alone, also let us fangirl in peace.           Sincerely, Some seriously fed-up fangirls Originally posted by yourreactiongifs Originally posted by samisoffthewall Originally posted by just-astray Originally posted by heckyeahreactiongifs Originally posted by bricesander As fans and shippers, we express our love of these people openly BUT we DON’T want them to know about … Read More Dear Media,